Evidence-based people solutions

We help your organisation bring people’s talents to light, evaluate them fairly and help them grow.

It’s all thanks to our rigorous approach and the very best 
of data technology.


The best is useless, if it’s not the best for you.

There are many extraordinary professionals out there. But among all these excellent candidates, which ones are best for your business?

We’ll help you find the right employees for you with a method tailored to your needs, the most advanced ​advanced technology and our evidence-based analysis​.


The future is just waiting to be written. Who will you hand the pen to?

Understanding today which people have the talent to help your organisation grow and meet the challenges of tomorrow is a great advantage.

For this reason, our approach doesn’t measure people’s past performance but identifies their potential, with a high predictive validity.


Talent must be cultivated. We help you prepare the ground.

Investing in people allows you to nurture up exactly the skills that your organisation needs. But where to start?

With sound tools and an in-depth knowledge of the most favourable conditions for growth, all coordinated in a rigorous approach. Ours.


A Digit’Ed company​

HumanAge è oggi parte di Digit’Ed, il principale polo formativo italiano che aggrega le migliori realtà del mondo Learning & Development presenti nel paese, per sviluppare un’offerta formativa di eccellenza al servizio di grandi aziende, PMI, professionisti, neolaureati e studenti.