This is the starting point of all change and development processes: we help you gain awareness with our assessments. In order to change, people must first know themselves, what is expected of them, and how others perceive their behaviour. With such awareness, we can consider how to achieve the desired change by setting up development paths.
People’s development paths must fit them like a tailor-made suit: they must therefore be built on the basis of individuals’ personal characteristics and made suitable to your organisation’s work environment. No ready-made suit can guarantee this: that’s why we design each development path from scratch, selecting the most appropriate tools and considering the context in which the path fits (role changes, organisational restructuring, etc.).
Impact and Measurement
If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it. That’s why we continue analysis even after people have completed their development paths: we measure the impact of the actions taken through targeted questionnaires (mini 360°) administered a few months apart. In this way, we nurture people’s responsibility and commitment over time, and help you define the organisational value of your investment.