Personalised Courses
Together, we’ll build the best assessment process according to the goal you need to achieve. We can detect potential, helping you identify who to invest in for the future. We can measure readiness, helping you put the right people in the right positions, today. Finally, we can create development paths, to guide the actions that accompany people’s growth.
Behavioural Simulations
These allow us to observe people in situations that replicate the professional challenges they’ll face. The tests we use are standardised and individual, making your assessments fair, objective and easy to compare.
Global Competency Model
Our model allows you to measure people’s distinctive behaviours in an absolutely unequivocal, and therefore comparable, way. We can articulate the model on different managerial levels and, most importantly, link it to your organisation’s specific competencies and objectives.
360° Feedback
Feedback of this type allows you to observe people’s behavior in relation to others’ perceptions of them. It, therefore, involves the person (or entire team) being assessed, plus a series of observers (boss, colleagues, customers…), and can be customised according to your specific needs.
Transparency and Rigour
We work to make our analysis as clear and understandable as possible: we prepare short individual reports that we formulate in the language of your organization, ensuring they are easy to interpret. We support these with analytical reports in real time, allowing you to read the results in a transversal, aggregated way, comparing data over time or using benchmarking.
Value for People
The feedback we’re able to provide is immediate, concrete and development-oriented: as a continuation of the assessment experience, candidates receive their report the following day, founded on strengths and areas for improvement, and geared towards identifying actionable steps within the work environment. The result is often the starting point for initiating growth paths in the short and long term.
Local Base, Global Resources
Though our headquarters are in Italy, our ideas are not confined by borders. Thanks to a global network of partners who share our methodology and passion, we’re able to support you wherever you are in the world. With the best technological resources, we can guarantee you maximum efficiency, even thousands of miles away.