Process and Content Design
Transparent, fair and streamlined: these traits are a must for the selection process. We’ll help you set it up according to your specific needs. So, you can concentrate on choosing candidates and offer them a positive experience.
Cognitive Tests
These tests will help you predict people’s ability to problem-solve and navigate dynamic or ambiguous environments. The key feature: you can compare candidates with vastly different levels of schooling or linguistic and mathematical skills. After all, there’s no educational qualification or certificate that can guarantee the parameter we’re mapping, namely, general mental ability.
Personality Tests
Which characteristics do you need to be the best? The answer varies according to the role and we use the best tool available on the market to find out: the HOGAN© tests.
Structured Interviews
This type of interview allows you to predict the future with the lowest possible degree of approximation. Objectivityis at its heart: the set of questions is predefined and consistent with the requirements of the position. As such, the interviews prove to be fairer: they offer all interviewees exactly the same opportunity.